Our Beliefs
  • We believe charter schools offer the best opportunity for success for students and families that have been stuck in low-performing, persistently failing, and academically unacceptable schools. We see great charter schools help save those children everyday!
  • We believe charter schools represent a new form of educational governance -- one based on choice, innovation, autonomy and accountability.
  • We believe there is a vast reservoir of leadership talent, and philanthropic resources to back up that talent, that would not otherwise engage in K-12 education if not for charter schools.
  • We believe these new charter school organizations, with the talent and resources they bring, are best focused on the academic success of the students they serve, and not on the administrative, compliance, and management complexities of operating schools.
Our Strategy
  • We seek to partner with organizations that want to focus on improving outcomes for students as their primary mission.
  • We seek to provide services and expertise to those organizations to the extent we can do it more effectively or efficiently than they could do it themselves.
  • We seek to be flexible to provide only the services that our clients want – an “a la carte” approach that we have seen charter schools prefer as they evolve.
  • We seek to build the capacity within those organizations gradually to perform some or all of the services we provide as they mature.